Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thing #17: Wiki

I added my blog to the page before, but I had to re add my page because some one erased it. The page is a nice homepage for a group to communicate with one another.

Thing #14: Technorati

Tagging is a way to mark a website or blog with a topic for others to search for. I was able to find stories about my favorite players and teams that other fans wrote about. The problem with tagging is anyone can put down a topic and it may not be helpful enough or at all. It is really a search of other people's opinions on certain subjects.

Thing #8: RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are headlines to important news from websites that I can sign up for so that I am able to get the information with out going to each website. I can get headline stories from CNN, ESPN, and Sports stories I would be interested in reading like my favorite sports teams and the different players. I could also find out my favorite players stats and could follow their career process.

Thing #2: Life Long Learning

You're not too old to learn. Learning process takes one's lifetime. It helps you to keep in touch with technology and how to use technology. By learning Technology makes your life easier. Technology simplifies your life. For instance, you can learn on the internet on how to build a fence and how to do things around your house. Out of the 7 1/2 Habits, it is easy for me to be a mentor and teach things to others. That will help me to know it better. The hardest is learning on my own without someone to guide me through the process.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thing 23 Week 9

Some excercises were useful like youtube.com, the net award winners like craigslist.com. All the rest were useless to me. I dont think i will be using blogs anytime soon. As for my life long learning, there are other tools available for me to use.

Thing 22 Week 9

Was unable to view eBooks. No permission to install plug-in. Will elaborate further when it is fixed.

E-Books would be helpful so many people are able to read the same book without having many hard copies of the books.

Thing 21 Week 9

Podcasts are like radio shows that help keep me updated on basketball news. It also keeps me up to date local and Nigerian news. I especially like the ESPN podcasts. They inform me on sports news i want to hear about.